Unparalleled precision using Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

We are proud to represent Bruker Nano, Inc., manufacturers of advanced semiconductor metrology systems.

Bruker is a leading innovator and provider of the advanced FilmTek™ metrology systems and analysis software to major companies in the semiconductor, optoelectronics, data storage, display, MEMS, and optical coating industries.

Our mission is to solve our clients’ most critical metrology challenges by providing leading-edge solutions to precisely suit their requirements. We value close cooperation and long-term partnership to understand and anticipate your current and future needs.

To meet these demands, our expanding technology suite of multi-modal metrology systems includes multi-angle spectroscopic ellipsometry, polarized reflectometry, transmission, and scatterometry. Our complete product portfolio serves our clients throughout the entire product life cycle, from research and development to high-volume production. We are dedicated to building custom solutions, as needed, to solve your specific requirements.

An extensive portfolio of key patents is held allowing for the highest index measurement accuracy in the industry, with a resolution 100 times better than existing tools. We continue to pioneer new technology in high-precision optical design and software modelling. Our technology is deployed in the world’s leading development and production facilities in a broad range of industries.

We can supply the following range of Bruker FilmTek™ systems for Multi-angle Reflectometry & Ellipsometry measurements.

FilmTek SE

Multi-angle spectroscopic ellipsometer with advanced rotating compensator design. Delivers unmatched measurement performance and speed for thin film applications at a very low cost. Measurement is efficient and easy.

Thousands of wavelengths are simultaneously collected in seconds, and the integrated auto-focus feature eliminates the tedious task of manual sample alignment required by comparable ellipsometers.