CD Metrology

Unparalleled precision for CD, TSV and very thick thickness measurements

We are proud to represent Bruker Nano, Inc., manufacturers of advanced semiconductor metrology systems.

Charntec can supply the following range of Bruker FilmTek™ systems with an extensive portfolio of key patents being held allowing them to offer an expanding technology suite of multi-modal metrology systems, such as The FilmTek CD for critical dimension measurement and advanced film metrology, FilmTek TSV for advanced metrology system for high-throughput measurements in semiconductor packaging applications and FilmTek 2000M which is a micro-spot size benchtop reflectometry system for patterned thin to very thick film applications requiring a very small spot size.

FilmTek CD

FilmTek™ is a CD leading-edge solution for fully-automated, high-throughput CD measurement and advanced film analysis for the 1x nm design node and beyond. Delivers real-time multi-layer stack characterization and CD measurement simultaneously, for both known and completely unknown structures. Patented multimodal measurement technology meets the challenging demands associated with the most complex semiconductor design features in development and production.

Existing metrology tools that rely on conventional ellipsometry or reflectometry techniques are limited in their ability to accurately resolve CD measurements in real-time, requiring tedious library generation during device research and development. FilmTek CD overcomes this limitation by a patented multi-modal measurement technology that provides an accurate single solution even for completely unknown structures.

FilmTek CD includes proprietary diffraction software with fast, real-time optimization. Real-time optimization allows the user to easily measure unknown structures with minimal setup time and recipe development while avoiding the delays and complications associated with library generation

FilmTek 2000M TSV

Advanced semiconductor packaging metrology system providing an unmatched combination of speed, accuracy, and precision for high-throughput measurements of resist thickness, through silicon vias (TSVs), Cu-pillars, bumps, redistribution layer (RDL) and other packaging processes.

High-yield TSV fabrication requires rapid, high-accuracy measurements of TSV etch depth and depth uniformity. The FilmTek 2000M TSV system features our patented optical method, based on normal incidence reflectometry, enabling users to efficiently and precisely measure the etch depth of high aspect ratio TSV structures. The system can readily determine etch depth for via structures with diameters greater than 1 µm up to a maximum etch depth of 500 µm.

Moreover, our patented low power objective optical design enables the FilmTek 2000M TSV to achieve very small spot sizes — the same order as the diameter of targeted via structures — with a nearly collimated measurement beam. For example, the system can be configured such that a 10X objective gives a measurement spot size of 5 µm by 10 µm in the y and x dimensions, respectively. This optical design limits the angular spectrum of the collected light and maximizes the coherence of the spectral reflection from a high aspect ratio TSV or trench structure. The system can consequently deliver data with far greater clarity than metrology instruments that use a high power objective.

Additional capabilities include measurement of height or depth, critical dimension, and film thickness for microbumps, trenches, and a variety of other structures and applications

FilmTek 2000M

The FilmTek™ 2000M benchtop micro-spot size benchtop reflectometer provides unparalleled versatility and performance, meeting the needs of patterned film applications requiring a very small spot size.

This system allows for measurement spot sizes as small as 2 µm on both thin and very thick films without the signal degradation and optical artifacts inherent to conventional film metrology systems. Unlike these systems, FilmTek 2000M achieves consistently high signal fidelity during small- and micro-spot measurements by incorporating our patented low-power objective optical design with a nearly collimated beam. This design — characteristic of our “M” series instruments — enables FilmTek 2000M to deliver greater accuracy and reliability than conventional high power objective-based instruments on challenging samples and in applications requiring micro-spot size measurements