Front End Equipment

Maximise productivity with Bulk Wafer Handing

Navigate the intricacies of wafer handling with confidence using Charntec’s premier Front End Equipment. Our portfolio encompasses advanced solutions for both Bulk Wafer Handling and Single Wafer Handling, meticulously engineered to meet the evolving needs of the semiconductor, optoelectronics, and MEMS industries.

Our Bulk Wafer Handling systems are designed to maximise productivity while ensuring the utmost care and precision. They cater to operations that involve handling large quantities of wafers, offering a seamless transition between various process stages. Each system integrates sophisticated technology with user-friendly interfaces, allowing for efficient management of large wafer batches with minimal risk of damage or contamination.

Unmatched precision and control

Our Single Wafer Handling solutions offer unmatched precision and control, specifically tailored for handling individual wafers. These systems are perfect for operations where each wafer requires specific attention or individual processing. With a focus on accuracy, safety, and reliability, our Single Wafer Handling systems provide a combination of meticulous care and streamlined operation, ensuring each wafer is handled with optimal efficiency and integrity.

At Charntec, our Front End Equipment is engineered with the user in mind. They are easy to operate, require minimal maintenance, and are built to endure, ensuring long-term performance and reliability.