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Copperhead® IC Thermal Test Sockets

Exatron’s Copperhead® thermal test socket is a production socket specifically designed for exceptional thermal performance.
The Copperhead® features a solid copper socket topper, which significantly reduces calibration deltas. cuts typical soak times in half, increases temperature stability, and allows for higher wattage control than traditional sockets.
The exact same socket can be used with all Exatron test solutions, from bench top hand test to high-volume automated handlers.
Copperhead sockets can be made to match any existing socket footprint and to fit all BGA, MLF/QFN, SOIC, SSOIC, MSOP, and WLCSP devices.
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Solid Copper = Best Thermal Performance

Exatron’s Copperhead Thermal IC Test Sockets with solid copper toppers significantly reduce calibration deltas, dramatically cut soak times in half, greatly increase temperature stability and allows for higher wattage control than the usual, less capable, traditional sockets you may be used to. It’s time to expect more from your test sockets.

Bench Test Through Production Handler Test

Exatron’s Copperhead IC Thermal Test Sockets can be used from bench top hand test all the way through to high volume ATE automated test handler applications. The sockets work with all Exatron production handlers and other equipment. Experience enhanced performance when you pair a Copperhead test socket with Exatron’s Wide Range Thermal Head (WRTH). Copperhead is the electronics industry thermal test socket performance leader.

Any Footprint

As custom test sockets, Exatron can design and make just about any footprint, any configuration, any pitch from 0.3mm and larger and can add features such as RTDs, special lids and more to suit your exact needs. Contact systems include Exatron’s Diamond Particle Interconnect System (PI), spring probes and special handler contacts. Copperhead sockets can match any existing footprint including all BGA, LGA, MLF, QFN, SOIC, SSOIC, MSOP, WLCSP devices and more.

Production Worthy

Highly capable and production worthy Exatron IC custom Copperhead test sockets routinely out perform competitive sockets in thermal loss and calibration. As tested, even at the most extreme temperatures, temperature deviation was never greater than 1°C. Frequencies from any high frequency RF, or low frequency DC can be accommodated in addition to high or low temperature and high or low amperage. Let us know what you need.

Wide Versatility

Copperhead test sockets can be paired with Exatron’s Wide Range Thermal Head (WRTH) for extraordinarily good performance. The same test socket can be configured for hand bench test and also seamlessly function in rugged environments of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) handlers. Get Exatron’s versatility working for you.