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Exatron offers a wide range of thermal test solutions from bench top hand test to high-volume production

Exatron offers a wide range of thermal test solutions from bench top hand test to high-volume production. Their building block design method allows easy integration of thermal test solutions with all Exatron handlers.
The exact same thermal test heads, sockets, and preheat features can be used in everything from the PET-5 Hand Test Work Station to the Model 8000 automated production handler. Guaranteed -55°C to +155°C working range (-75°C to +175°C hardware capability).

New! Thermal IC Test System NOTE: New Models with new features and greater on or off handler integration. Coming Soon!

An Exatron advanced design direct contact refrigeration thermal testing system. When a cheap electronic Peltier is just not good enough, and when your thermal stream forced air type is too expensive, too difficult, or freezes your board, creates static, or other issues, it’s time to consider something new. Exatron’s thermal test system provides a great new standard of virtually frost free high performance with only middle-of-the-road costs and no expensive fluids to buy or spill.

Mini Automated Tabletop IC Test Handlers

Mini Automated Benchtop IC Test Handlers
The Model 802 Tabletop Test Handler offers full test and program functionality in a powerful small package. The Exatron Model 802 Tabletop Single Site Test Handler is an automated bench top pick and place system ideal for engineering and the test development of IC System Level Testing (SLT).

It handles a wide variety of device types and sizes ranging from 1.6 x 1.6 mm to 60 x 60 mm. Two software allocatable JEDEC trays maximize engineering test capability, saving money and time, all within a small table space.

Add an Exatron Copperhead® IC Test Socket and cut your soak times in half. The 802 supports nearly all OEM test sockets. Exatron custom built spring probe test sockets or Exatron Particle Interconnect (PI), RF and CSP sockets are recommended. Exatron specializes in custom sockets for custom or unusual devices. Ask us today for more information or a quote.

Small Automated Benchtop Handlers with single or double thermal test heads

Model 802 has user-friendly Windows 10-based GUI. Software configurable binning. Servomotor/PC controlled device placement and contact force. Double stack protection. Continuous automated retest. Dino-lite calibration camera ensures precise alignment. Available in table top or frame-mounted versions.

  • 25″ (63.5 cm) W by 28” (71 cm) D by 21.5″ 55 cm) H (With standard 24″ gantry. 30″ gantry available.)
  • 2 JEDEC trays.
  • Single test site standard.
  • Dual sites available.
  • Handles devices 1.6 x 1.6mm to 60 x 60 mm.
  • Handles all SMD and leaded device types.
  • Near zero mechanical adjustment or change over kits.

Add an Exatron Copperhead® IC Test Socket for unbeatable performance. Device Types include BGA, CSP, DIP, Flat Pack, LCC, LGA, MSOP, PCB, PGA, PLCC, QFP, SIMM, SIP, SIMM, SODIMM, SOIC, SSOIC, TSSOP and more.

Label, Ink-Dot Mini Handlers

New to the market, a real pick and place handler to apply labels and/or ink dots to your ICs. The handler comes with a rugged print-on-the-fly thermal transfer printer designed for tough continuous use commercial operation.

This reliable, made in the USA, machine can fit seamlessly into your lab or production operation and provide you with fast and precise application of labels and/or ink dots in any color. This versatile handler can be used not only to apply labels but features a quick and easy change-over to apply ink dots.

Simply attach the ink pen holder to the pick up head and start applying ink dots in any color to your integrated circuit devices. The handler is designed, manufactured and serviced in the USA from San Jose, California by Exatron, serving the Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) handler industry for over 46 years.