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High-tech imaging to inspect, identify, and process your devices

Unleash the power of intelligent imaging with Charntec’s Machine Vision systems, an integral part of our Device Handling Systems. These advanced solutions use high-tech imaging to inspect, identify, and process your semiconductor devices, ensuring unprecedented precision, accuracy, and control.

Our Machine Vision systems use cutting-edge imaging technology for precise and comprehensive inspection of your devices. They deliver highly accurate identification and detection of defects, ensuring superior quality control and enhancing overall yield.

Charntec’s Machine Vision systems are designed for high-speed, high-volume operations. By automating the inspection process, these systems ensure swift and accurate analysis without compromising on quality or precision.

The Machine Vision systems feature user-friendly interfaces and easy-to-understand controls, simplifying the task of managing your devices. Their smart design ensures a seamless and efficient process, boosting overall operational productivity.

Built for robust performance, our Machine Vision systems are designed to deliver consistent, high-quality results over time. They require minimal maintenance, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted performance, thereby providing an excellent return on investment.

We understand that each semiconductor process has unique requirements. That’s why our Machine Vision systems offer customisable features that can be tailored to the specific needs of your operation, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing setup.

Invest in Charntec’s Machine Vision systems and harness the power of intelligent imaging for your device handling needs. With Charntec, you’re choosing more than a state-of-the-art system; you’re partnering with a company that’s committed to your operational success.