Device Handling Systems

An intricate balance of precision

Handling semiconductor devices in the final stages of production requires an intricate balance of precision and control. Charntec’s Back End Device Handling Systems are meticulously designed to manage this challenge with absolute finesse.

Our Device Handling Systems streamline the essential steps of the back-end process, including packaging, sorting, and testing. They are engineered to handle semiconductor devices with utmost care, ensuring high yields and uncompromised quality.

Our systems are designed to provide unparalleled accuracy and stability in device handling. With our state-of-the-art technology, every movement counts and ensures the integrity of your devices throughout the back-end process.

Equipped with smart testing and sorting capabilities, our Device Handling Systems allow for efficient quality control. The systems quickly identify and sort devices based on customizable parameters, ensuring only products that meet your exact standards progress further in the production line.

High-volume throughput in your operations

We understand the need for high-volume throughput in your operations. Our systems incorporate automated processes and user-friendly controls to ensure a seamless workflow, boosting your production efficiency without compromising precision or quality.

Charntec’s Device Handling Systems are designed for longevity. Built with durability in mind and requiring minimal maintenance, they provide dependable performance for years, maximizing your return on investment.

Each semiconductor process is unique, and our Device Handling Systems reflect this understanding. They offer customizable features that can adapt to the specific needs of your operation, ensuring a seamless fit into your existing setup.

Invest in Charntec’s Back End Device Handling Systems and secure a reliable, precise, and efficient solution for your back-end process. With Charntec, you’re choosing more than a cutting-edge system; you’re partnering with a company committed to your operational success.