About Us

Delivering the highest standard of sales, service, and support

Charntec is committed to delivering the highest standard of sales, service, and support to our customers across the sectors we serve.

At Charntec, we thrive on tackling complex problems with simple and effective solutions. Leveraging our expansive product knowledge, our team of highly skilled engineers works closely with customers to unlock the potential of efficient solutions tailored to their production and measurement needs.

Charntec Electronics was founded in 1979 to provide exceptional sales and service support to manufacturers in the semiconductor and related industries across the UK, Ireland, and Europe, Charntec proudly marked its 44th anniversary in 2023.

Our comprehensive product range, including wafer handling and measurement, mechanical device handling, precision motion, and environmental equipment, serves the semiconductor, optoelectronics, display, MEMS, and optical coating industries. We also provide expert analysis and design services to the research and development community.

In addition to our hardware offerings, Charntec also provides a variety of consumable supplies such as plain and conductive silicon sponge sheets and adhesives.

Every piece of equipment we provide is fully supported by our dedicated UK-based team of sales and service personnel. This support extends from the initial customer contact and continues through the sales process, installation, and after-sales support during the warranty period.

Once equipment warranties have expired, Charntec continues to offer a selection of service contracts tailored to meet our customers’ evolving needs. Our dedication to customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of everything we do.