Sales and service support to manufacturers in the semiconductor and allied industries

Welcome to Charntec Electronics

We are leading provider of high-quality electronic products and solutions across the UK, Ireland, and Europe. Our diverse product portfolio encompasses wafer handling and measurement, mechanical device handling, precision motion control, and environmental equipment. These products play a crucial role in various industries, including semiconductor, optoelectronics, display, MEMS, and optical coating sectors.

Not only do we serve these industries, but we are also a trusted partner for the research and development community, delivering expert analysis and innovative design solutions.

Established in 1979

2023 marks a special milestone for us as we proudly celebrate our 44th year of continuous operation.  

Now spanning more than four decades of dedication, innovation, and commitment to providing the best in the electronics industry.  

We will continue our mission to drive technological progress and offer the highest level of support to our customers.

Our Services

At Charntec, we offer a comprehensive selection of products tailored to the specific needs of various industries, including the semiconductor, optoelectronics, display, MEMS, and optical coating sectors. Our range encompasses everything from wafer handling and measurement to mechanical device handling, precision motion, and environmental equipment.

We also extend our expertise to the research and development community by providing top-notch analysis and design services, fostering innovation and technological advancement.

In addition to our principal offerings, Charntec supplies a variety of consumable products. This includes plain and conductive silicon sponge sheets for use as thermal insulation and protecting DUT sites as well as catering to various application requirements.

Our Values

At Charntec, we’re firmly committed to delivering an unparalleled customer experience. We strive to provide superior sales, service, and support in every market we serve, putting customer satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do.

We’re also passionate about simplifying complexity. We believe in finding straightforward answers to intricate problems. Harnessing the expertise of our highly skilled engineers and our in-depth experience with our product ranges, we collaborate closely with our customers.

Working with customers to explore the potential of swift, practical and efficient solutions to meet their production and measurement needs, ensuring we always exceed their expectations.

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